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And so to Swindon
November 20, 2006, 8:18 pm
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Who’d have thought such a fun day could be had driving around Swindon. We began the morning visiting a community arts space with Keith Seward from Cre8 Studios
(a great organisation promoting arts and visual culture in Swindon) near to Swindon station. The Community Crossroads is a huge hall built by Brunel to repair trains from his new Great Western Railway surrounded by a village built to house the railway workers, then known as New Swindon. Brunel also provided a theatre (an amazing old Victorian building now completely derelict, now mainly used as a muse by photography students), huge social club and public baths. We return to Swindon next week to check out the Steam Museum…


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We seem to be making some progress, though there are still quite a few locations to find. It’s all my fault, of course, for needing 29 of them!

The fact that the film will be sung throughout creates certain specific demands when it comes to locations – some that one might not have expected. The length of time it takes to do something, like walk the length of the corridor, needs to fit in with the score as well as the dramatic action. It makes you appreciate why film composers write to a finished film. It’s all part of what makes this project an exciting and exploratory challenge.

Comment by John La Bouchardière

A good, enjoyable day, today, meeting with Greg and our design team: Chloe Lamford and Mair Joint.

It’s really important to get the visual narrative clear, since there’s not that much semantic communication. Each of the couples have quite different stories and these need to be evident from the way they dress and the homes they live in.

We’re off to look and (hopefully) finalise our restaurant location with Nick and Chloe tomorrow.

Comment by John La Bouchardière

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