The Full Monteverdi

January 24, 2007, 12:18 am
Filed under: Filming

Nine great days on set. Even managed to get the crane shot done in the closing hours of our time in Portishead. Huge thanks to Colin and Geoff for a great run at Vision Studio. Phase 2 is Cheltenham, starting in earnest tomorrow with an Aston Martin DB9.

Anna Clapper

Production still by Marytn Poyner.



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just received an incredulous e-mail from my husband Phil simply saying “is that you?!?!” after seeing the piccie of me looking sad (again)with the clapperboard in the foreground…amazing what decent hair, make-up and clothes can do these days. Glad to have got home for a bit to touch base with my lovely family.

Comment by Anna Crookes

The crane shot was tough. The collaboration between Nick, Steve and James – manually panning, zooming/focus-pulling and craning simultaneously with a mix ofpartially-helpful cues from me and sheer instinct – was the key but it took us a while.

The IV, for anyone interested, is an oblique reference to the book of madrigals – we had to call the restaurant something. There are a few other little quips in there along the way, though I don’t think we got a proper look at Katharine’s wood pigeon in “Quel augellin”…

Comment by John La Bouchardière

The video is amazing and the singers too Well done

Comment by Bridget

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