The Full Monteverdi

In the can
February 5, 2007, 9:28 pm
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After 147 scenes, 270 slates, 23 rolls of HD tape, over 30 locations and one wrap party, it’s in the can. Again, a sincere and huge thanks to everyone who has been on the journey with us; for bending the rules, pushing the medium and for being excited and positive to the last shot… And it’s still just the beginning.


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I can hardly believe it. It passed in a flash, yet feels like it took half a life time.

Thanks to all from me, too!

Comment by John La Bouchardière

I am so excited by this project I can hardly contain myself. It is a brilliant, and timely, idea.

I am a cornettist and was a member of a group devoted to early Baroque and High Renaissance music some years ago. I always said to my colleagues that we should approach this music (canzoni & sonate) as if they were miniature 17th century soap operas – featuring dialogue, gossip, arguments and declarations of love, complaint and abandonment – and each phrase should communicate something. They had no television then! ;-))
I’ve always thought of madrigals in the same way.

How many Italian madrigals from the late 16th century deal with love life of a certain shrewish girl called Lucia? I know of quite a lot written by Lassus alone! She must have almost been like something of the C16 equivalent of a soap opera character.

Bravo, I Fagiolini, bravo!!! Inspiring! Maybe we should all be singing madrigals in the 21st century?! Is there a deeper form of communication in this audio-visual age? Teach children to sing madrigals in kindergarten …..

I cannot wait to see the DVD available in Australia. Please hurry!

Comment by Steven Langley Guy

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