The Full Monteverdi

A stroke of genius that defines a genre
July 1, 2008, 1:50 pm
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Extract from review in American Record Guide:

Fantastic! I wish the word “brilliant” had not been so overused, so that I could summon it to praise this film. And, yes, “film” is the right word. John La Bouchardiere, a noted opera director, has created this film (“The Full Monteverdi”) that winds in with the words and music of Monteverdi’s wonderful madrigals the way that they intertwine with each other and the result is superlative…

The musical component here could compete with the best recordings made, but there is no competition for what this is: a stroke of genius that defines a genre, something that sets a standard for what can be done. This is a way to open the treasures of this great music to our literal-minded and lazy age. Like the Beethoven description of one of his sonatas as for amateurs and connoisseurs, this is a production that can reach everyone willing to watch and listen. Those who already know and love this music will get new insights into it from La Bouchardiere’s stagings why is this one a quarrel? why is there a baby in that one?ˆwhile newcomers will be carried along by the acting (great from all concerned), the drama, the settings, and the underlying stories as they follow the words with the unobtrusive subtitles (yes, you can turn them off) and let the music play on their hearts….

If you love Monteverdi, get this. If you think you might like his music, get it. If you’ve tried to listen to Monteverdi, but haven’t quite managed to get into it, get it. If you’ve never heard Monteverdi, get it. Memo to Naxos, La Bouchardiere, and Fagiolini: there are seven other books of Monteverdi madrigals sitting there, waiting for you. Get to work!


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